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Welcome to the George Sand's country...

Domaine de George Sand
Sainte Sévère sur Indre
Musée George Sand - La Châtre
Basilique de Neuvy Saint Sépulchre
Maison de Jour de Fête
George Sand
Fresques de l'église de Vic
Le cirque Bidon

Eglise Saint Paxent


Church built during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, dedicated to the martyrs Saint Etienne and Saint Paxent, built in granite, with an imposingly high nave. It is worth noticing the rood beam which originally marked the entrance to the Sanctuary. A statue of the Virgin Mary in Parian Marble (sixteenth century) may be seen. Nearby : the chapel of Notre Dame de la Trinité (Cluis-Dessous) (twelfth and fifteenth centuries). Open to the public. Guided tours on request. Languages spoken : English and French. Cluis Tourist Information Bureau Tel. 02 54 31 22 13 www.cluis.fr


LocationEglise Saint Paxent Le bourg 36340 CLUIS
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