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Welcome to the George Sand's country...

Domaine de George Sand
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Musée George Sand - La Châtre
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George Sand
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Musée George Sand - Château d'Ars


The George Sand and Black Valley Museum is a long-standing museum created more than 120 years ago. The historical collections, first presented in the current town hall and then in the former Chauvigny keep, have grown over time with the addition of works and artefacts relating to George Sand and the Black Valley. Today, the museum is chaning. It no longer presents permanent collections, but holds a major exhibition every summer at the Château of Ars. In 2019, it will host a retrospective dedicated to the life and work of Cécile Reims, an artist who has lived in La Châtre for over 30 years. Every year, the park is brought to life from July with the traditional music festival, "Le Son Continu". A sound and light show called "Medieval Ars" (August) will also be held at the end of the summer.


LocationMusée George Sand - Château d'Ars Château d'Ars 36400 LOUROUER-SAINT-LAURENT
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