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Welcome to the George Sand's country...

Domaine de George Sand
Sainte Sévère sur Indre
Musée George Sand - La Châtre
Basilique de Neuvy Saint Sépulchre
Maison de Jour de Fête
George Sand
Fresques de l'église de Vic
Le cirque Bidon

Château de Montgivray

chateau de Montgivray -
chateau de Montgivray -

Today this neo-gothic castle houses the Town Hall, but it was once linked to a group of fortified buildings of which only two towers remain. The castle was previously the property of Hippolyte Chatiron, George Sand’s half brother, and then of Solange Sand, her daughter. Only the grounds of the castle are open to the public


LocationChâteau de Montgivray Le bourg Mairie 36400 MONTGIVRAY
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