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Eglise Saint-Denis-de-Jouhet


At the end of the 12th century, it underwent a reconstruction phase and then had two bays in the Romanesque nave, extended by a straight choir and ending with a flat apse. The octagonal bell tower was erected later on the first bay of the nave, increased to three bays in the 13th century. The south-opening pointed arch portal lacks a tympanum. Inside the building, where Limousin influences can be felt, there are 12th-13th century stained glass windows. These stage the different episodes of the legend of St. Denis in the medallions. The bishop is identified by inscriptions accompanying the representations of his preaching and martyrdom. These lancets are crowned with Lucien-Leopold Lobin's large rose window, a great success in terms of colours.


LocationEglise Saint-Denis-de-Jouhet 4 place de l'église 36230 SAINT-DENIS-DE-JOUHET
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